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From the "Pros-In-City" Group:
.... Another great event - another great instructor! Rhys was an incredible teacher. As a result we all shot well and had fun doing it. We were surprised to see almost all women in the group - all ages and sizes. Thanks for making this available - look forward to the "intermediate" class.

... I would definitely sign up for the level 2 class!!

... Skeet shooting event was great. Rhys, the instructor was very instrumental in making it a fantastic experience. I will definitely come back for more skeet shooting and other pros in the city events. Thanks!

...It was an awesome time! The instructor was better than I expected. Great facility, etc. I have already told several of my friends about my great time and they're signing up for the next course. I hope that the instructor adds part 2 like was discussed last weekend. Great Idea!

Rhys...TY for an excellent lesson today. You knew what needed to be done to get me to hit those blankety-blank teal and darned if you didn't get me to do it! Almost amazing to me how well the lesson worked.

Same for the two nasty presentations at the dead-tree station. I felt particularly good about breaking that quick outgoer from the left side. And the idea to try a new form of decreasing lead on the crosser from the right was a good way to get me into using proper lead. Those last two breaks are still vivid in my mind's eye.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the progress I have made to this point, as I start into month #8 of my shooting pasttime.

And, considerable credit goes to you. You are a very good, patient and creative teacher. I'm regularly left shaking my head in amazement, as I was today, on how you are able to gently and subtlely get me to do something new. I think the measure of regard I have for your teaching ability is that I just want to immediately get back out onto the range and break more targets to groove into my subconscious the things which you have taught me.

Anyway, from your continuing-to-be-motivated student, "That's like YOU!" Thanks...

Jeff I.