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Top-Quality Private Shooting Instruction




Making Sure You Stay On Target As You Progress As a Shooter

Shooting Star Shotgun Sports, LLC offers private shooting instruction by the hour. Our students learn proper shooting methods and techniques, resulting in more broken targets. Instruction by qualified instructors gets you there faster than discovering the secrets of shooting by yourself. We also work with serious sporting clay shooters who want to take their shooting to the next level.

We also specialize in introducing young shooters to the shooting sports. We have the right size guns for every size shooter, and we work hard to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and having a great time. The minimum recommended age is 14.

At Shooting Star Shotgun Sports, LLC, we always promise to provide the best instruction experience possible, and our amazing lessons can be given as gifts. 

Pricing Information


# of Shooters Each Person Total Per Hour
1 $100
2 $80 $180
3 $60 $240
4 $40 $280
5 $20 $300

Students also pay for the ammunition and targets that are used during the lesson. Gun rentals as well as gun safety equipment are provided at no charge.

Shooting Star Shotgun Sports, LLC's minimum lesson time is 2 hours.  An average private lesson for (1) person with Targets & Ammo is about $300.

To schedule a lesson, please check our Teaching Schedule to see availability. Or to just discuss your shooting, contact us via email or phone. We would like to hear from you.